KMess - MSN / Live Messenger for Linux / KDE

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This project was discontinued: the website is provided for historical reasons.

Development roadmap


This page gives an overview of the planned features for future releases. The roadmap may change as KMess development progresses, priorities change or a release takes too much time to complete. Please use it just as an indication of what we would like to implement next. The track tickets gives a detailed view of suggested features and bugs to fix.

Release 2.0

The focus of the 2.0 release will be multimedia.

  • Port to KDE4, make use of new KDE4 framework features.
  • Tabbed chats!
  • File transfer settings.
  • Receiving of webcam streams.
  • Possible sending of webcam streams.
  • Sending of received winks.
  • Implement "Get Hot New Stuff" dialogs.
  • Maybe: audio conversations, voiceclips and two-way webcam streams.

Current Version
The current version of KMess is: 2.0.6
Latest development version: 3.0
Get KMess - MSN Messenger client for KDE at