KMess - MSN / Live Messenger for Linux / KDE

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This project was discontinued: the website is provided for historical reasons.


MSN Protocol compatibility

  • Group chats (chatting with multiple contacts)
  • Fast and reliable file transfers with file previews
  • Automatic contact picture transfers
  • Full MSN and custom emoticon support
  • Font and text colors
  • Personal Messages
  • Customizable status to set when connecting
  • "Now Playing" support to view what others are listening to, and to let them know what you are listening to
  • Reception of offline messages
  • Microsoft's Live Mail support, with inbox count, new email notifications, and direct link to the user's inbox
  • Nudges and winks (for winks, an Adobe Flash player and cabextract are required)
  • Links to your contacts' Live Profiles and to the Live Spaces Search page.
  • NetMeeting<->GnomeMeeting and GnomeMeeting<->GnomeMeeting invitations

KMess interface

  • Internationalization support, with translations in 20 languages.
  • Contacts who don't have you on their list are displayed with italics
  • When contacts type, their pictures "glow" brighter
  • Show or hide offline contacts
  • Show or hide the special "allowed" and "removed" groups to modify them right from your contact list
  • Organize the contact list by group or by online/offline status
  • Emoticons are also shown in the contact list
  • Groups show a count of the online contacts in that group (for example: "Friends (2/5)")
  • The KMess logo is the background picture in the contact list
  • Chat window sidebar with contact pictures and email address for all contacts in chat; many options are available with the right click menu
  • Chat window links and emoticons can be right-clicked to copy or visit links, and to add new custom emoticons
  • Alternating and flashing taskbar entry to inform of received messages

KMess extras

  • Display timestamps when contacts send messages
  • Compact form to display chat messages by grouping following messages
  • Text formatting with /italic/, _underlined_, and *bold*
  • Option to override your contacts' font and colors
  • Contact name aliases, to avoid those long and irritating nick names
  • Option to override the contacts' pictures
  • Popup balloons notifications for contacts events
  • Configuration for the sounds and popup notifications for each contact
  • Customized "Away with Auto reply" status that will reply to contacts with an user-specified away message
  • Support for multiple MSN user accounts profiles
  • A full MSN emoticon set to replace the MSN one (released under the GPL, as KMess is)
  • Ability to change between different emoticon themes
  • Chat logging with full markup (saves images and emoticons)
  • Chat logs can be ordered in subdirectories by day, week, or month
  • Auto-login, either at the setting page for from the command line (with "kmess --autologin" for example)

Current Version
The current version of KMess is: 2.0.6
Latest development version: 3.0
Get KMess - MSN Messenger client for KDE at