KMess - MSN / Live Messenger for Linux / KDE

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This project was discontinued: the website is provided for historical reasons.

1.5pre1 Screenshots

The main dialog

The main window of KMess(zoom)

The contact list window.(zoom)

The chat window

The chat window with it's default appearance.(zoom)

The emoticons sidebar of the chat window.(zoom)

Chat styles

The 'Colorful-Enclosed' chat style.(zoom)

The 'Fresh' chat style.(zoom)

Compact chat windows

The chat window without sidebar and 'Efficient' chat style.(zoom)

Custom emoticons of contacts, again in a compact chat window.(zoom)

Winks, nudges and custom emoticons

Winks in chat messages and clear notifications for unsupported invitations.(zoom)

Fast file transfers

The file transfer progress dialog.(zoom)

Account settings

The account settings dialog.(zoom)

Emoticon styles

The 'Emoticons' tab of the settings dialog.(zoom)

Chat settings

The 'Chatting' tab of the settings dialog.(zoom)

Integration with KDE

Integration with KDE system notifications.(zoom)

Current Version
The current version of KMess is: 2.0.6
Latest development version: 3.0
Get KMess - MSN Messenger client for KDE at